DJ Rod DJ, Producer

DJ Rod

DJ, Producer


Show: Join me on the Manestage the first Friday of every month for festival style bounce, electro house, and hardstyle. 6-7pm EST

Horssse dj, full time collage student, audiophile, pro audio/lighting engineer and enthusiast.


Been mixing for a total of 6 years now for events, clubs, and conventions. Started out as a big audio/lighting tech nerd (still am) and progressed into the dj scene. Been a brony for 2 years, Entered the brony dj scene with my first appearance at Midwest Bronyfest 2016 where I killed my set and was offered to join PVFM. Now im playing quite a few conventions and doing some stuff in my home town as well. Watch my twitter to follow where im going to be next! Mix archives>

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