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PonyvilleFM is more than just a radio station. PonyvilleFM is a team of fantastic DJs, Presenters, Artists and Technical Staff. PonyvilleFM is also a community of listeners and supporters who frequent our IRC channel.

Streaming Services

PonyvilleFM is broadcast from a handful of servers across the world to help balance load. For the best experience, you should select a server that is streaming in OGG, unless you are on a less reliable connection. With the links below, you can set up your favourite media player on your Computer, Phone or Tablet.

We have two stations available - pick the one that suits you best.

PonyvilleFM - The original

Our 'Mane Stream' features the best of pony-themed Electronica, Dance and Rave, as well as a contingent of renowned and upcoming DJ Performers and Presenters.

FormatIntended PlatformStream RegionLink
MP3 Desktop Canada Stream
MP3 HQ Desktop Canada Stream
Vorbis HQ Desktop Canada Stream
AAC+ Mobile Mobile Canada Stream
Opus Desktop Europe Stream

PonyvilleFM 2 - Our chill station

If you're feeling like something a little calmer, then our second station features a chill playlist of some of the best Pony hits and tunes.

FormatIntended PlatformStream RegionLink
MP3 Desktop North America Stream

PonyvilleFM 3 - Our 'free from distractions' station.

If you want to enjoy our signature radio playlist even when we have a performer or podcast on our main stream, then this station is for you.

FormatIntended PlatformStream RegionLink
Vorbis HQ Desktop Canada Stream

Luna Radio - The Chill Station, reborn

We've adopted Luna Radio into the PVFM Family and continued the legacy of the fandom's original chill station.

FormatIntended PlatformStream RegionLink
MP3 Desktop Worldwide Stream
AAC Mobile Worldwide Stream

Chat Services

PonyvilleFM's listeners, performers and staff get together in an official PVFM Discord server!
Our chat rooms maintain a strict PG-13 policy and are moderated, so please respect this.


You can join our official Discord server by clicking the button below!