PonyvilleFM Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy in one line:
We do not collect or share your personal data*

Personal Data

We do not request for, nor will we collect any personal data* from you without your consent. Due the nature of our service, we do not require any of this information for our service to function.

* We do not collect nor store any personal data, except for IP Address.

In this example, personal data may be:

  • • Your Name;
  • • Your Username or Online Handle;
  • • Your E-mail Address;
  • • Your Date of Birth (DOB);
  • • Your IP Address;

IP Address

We make one small exception to this. Due to the technical workings of internet services, we may "process", i.e. collect and store your IP Address - under the latest EU GDPR regulations an IP Address has been deemed to be personal data.

IP Addresses will be stored for no longer than thirty (30) days on our web server for the purposes of abuse prevention, law enforcement and error detection purposes. Your IP Address will not be used for any other purposes nor will it be shared with any third parties.

Cookies and Browser Data

We may store cookies on your web browser that relate to things like your browsing session or any preferences you may have selected on the website. These are necessary for the website to function. By using and continuing to use our website, you consent to us storing cookies on your device.

You may delete or block these cookies at any time, but this may prevent your ability to use the service correctly.

Other Information

We're an online radio service that is run for fans, by fans. The only data we may actively collect is related to statistical data, e.g. how many listeners we are hosting and how many listeners we can support. Personal data is not stored or shared by this proces.


If we need to make any changes to our privacy policy, we will do our best to inform you thirty (30) days before any changes come into force.