Our Team

Our team members are pretty awesome. They are, after all, what make PonyvilleFM tick.
If you want to know a bit more about a member of our team, then just click their name and you'll be able to see their full profile.


Aerial Soundwaves
DJ, Mascot, Madmare!

The Lass with Sass!

DJ Sleepypony
Co-Founder, DJ, Aerial's Babysitter.

Show: A Journey Through Dance, Sundays at 3pm EST (8pm GMT)
Don't mess with this squirrel.

Co-Owner, Host of Fugue State

Show: Fugue State, Thursdays at 8pm EST (1am GMT)
The one, the pony!

Kill Screen
Station Admin [PR], DJ

Show: Host of No Morality (on haitus). Supporter of Cider Party and Horse Music Herald.
Speedcore, Hardcore, Future, Trap, Breaks and Bangers


Station Admin [PR], DJ

Show: Synchronicity, Saturdays at 10PM EST (3am GMT)
Ace-entric, it's funny because I'm a pilot.

Station Admin, Web Designer

Maisy is the Developer and Designer of

Station Admin [PR], DJ

Show: The Basement Show
100% Trance nut hailing from Ottawa, Canada, land of maple syrup and hockey.

Station Admin, Artist, DJ

Show: Time to trot!
After getting into a DJing I found myself quickly fascinated with the music in this fandom.

Station Admin [PR]

Show: Better Sounding with pocketjawa, Mondays at 9pm EDT (2am GMT)
Another frozen beaver from Ottawa, Canadaland that likes Hardcore, Liquid DnB, and the colour Blue

Show: Experience the new wave of ƥMIX, an immersive hour-long experience of melodic and energetic EDM bangers.
Scatterbrained internet animal who tries to do everything.

Bolt the Super-Pony
Show Host/DJ

Show: I play songs from the beginning of the fandom, as well as those that aren't popular but are still noteworthy.
Brony since Dec. 2013, music lover, full-time college student, and Director of PR for Everfree Northwest!

DJ, Producer

Show: Core Control Live! (Weekly, Saturdays)
UK Hardcore DJ with a small notoriety of having done some edits & timestretches in the past.


IRC Engineer

Podcast Team


Event Manager, DJ

DJ, Producer

Show: Glory of The Night (Forthnightly, Saturdays)

Show: The Full Spectrum plays all genres of music, from house to hardcore and everything in between! Message Rock Fox in the PVFM discord server to request songs or genres :)

Nicolas Dominique
Producer, DJ

Show: Lantern In The Dark (Fortnightly, Saturdays)

Show: Friendship Is Rave (Weekly, Sundays)


If you wish to be part of the team, contact DJMidgetBrony or Limitless Hate for more information.
If you wish to be interviewed, or do a guest mix, please contact DJMidgetBrony, or Limitless Hate, On Twitter or the Chat, and Sleepypony in Chat.