Below is a list of the shows being aired on PonyvilleFM over the next week.
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All times are in UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Better Sounding
with PocketJawa

Tuesdays from 2AM (UTC)

Listen to #BetterSounding with @pocketjawa on @PonyvilleFM #brony #EDM

Core Control Live!
with AWal

Saturdays from 2AM (UTC)

Weekly UK & Happy Hardcore DJ mix show by AWal. Fun & Energetic songs, so be sure to bring out the kandi & glowsticks.

DropZone: Speedway
with Aerial Soundwaves

Thursdays from 3AM (UTC)

Buckle up, fillies: @AerialPVFM's back with the #brony #EDM #speedcore on #DropZone: Speedway, NEXT on!

DropZone: Thunderhead
with Aerial Soundwaves

Sundays from 11PM (UTC)

Brace for turbulence: @AerialPVFM brings you the #brony #DnB NEXT on #DropZone: Thunderhead!

DropZone: Vortex
with Aerial Soundwaves

Wednesdays from 2AM (UTC)

Prepare for descent: #DropZone: Vortex w/ @AerialPVFM unleashes the #brony #dubstep NEXT on!

Friendship is Rave
with Thunder_Kick

Sundays from 2PM (UTC)

DJ Thunder_Kick will knock your socks off with a new session of Friendship is Rave.

Glory of The Night
with Thorinair

Saturdays from 9PM (UTC)

Lantern In The Dark with Nicolas Dominique
with Nicolas Dominique

Saturdays from 5PM (UTC)

Coming up soon is Lantern In The Dark with @n_dominique here on @PonyvilleFM #EDM #trance #trancefamily

Music Is Timeless
with Bolt the Super-Pony

Saturdays from 12AM (UTC)

Playing the fandom's oldest songs and newest hits, all live. This is #MusicIsTimeless!

Pony411 Podcast
with Pony411

Wednesdays from 2AM (UTC)

Tune in for an episode of @Pony411 at #brony #podcast

with ƥRYZ

Saturdays from 1AM (UTC)

Experience the new wave of ƥMIX, an immersive hour-long experience of melodic and energetic EDM bangers. Presented by ƥRYZ here on PonyvilleFM.


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