Below is a list of the shows being aired on PonyvilleFM over the next week.
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All times are in UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Bad Fur Sunday
with WarantoWingbeat

Sundays from 9PM (UTC)

#BadFurSunday, with @WarantoWingbeat, starts only on @PonyvilleFM #brony #EDM

Bangers N Mash
with Tremil

Sundays from 4AM (UTC)

Turn up the sound and crank up the bass with Tremil (@RealtremilCH2) bringing you a variety of some of his top picks from multiple genres ranging from deep house to jungle terror served up on a silver platter.

Better Sounds With Wubz
with PocketJawa

Tuesdays from 2AM (UTC)

Listen to #BetterSoundingWithWubz with @pocketjawa on @PonyvilleFM #brony #EDM

Club Ghost
with DJ Androm3da

Wednesdays from 11PM (UTC)

Get spook3d on your Wednesdays with DJ Androm3da!

Core Control
with AWal

Wednesdays from 4AM (UTC)

Crystal Synthesis
with dyedquartz

Sundays from 3PM (UTC)

Tune in and chat for some Crystal Synthesis with dyedquartz!

Elemental Sounds with Progressive Element
with Progressive Element

Saturdays from 1AM (UTC)

Procrastinate later and tune into Progressive Element for your favorite tunes during the weekend!

Glitching Through The Walls (18+)
with Willow

Thursdays from 12AM (UTC)

Glory Of The Night
with Thorinair

Saturdays from 9PM (UTC)

Here We Go Mondays
with Additive Subtractive

Tuesdays from 1AM (UTC)

Oh boy, #HereWeGoMondays with @AS_PlusMinus starts now on @PonyvilleFM #brony #EDM

Luna Beats (CloudsZephyr)
with Cloud Zephyr

Fridays from 7PM (UTC)

Start your weekend with some great music by listening to Luna Beats with CloudsZephyr.

LunaBeats: New Years Special
with Cloud Zephyr

Sundays from 8PM (UTC)

A New Years' Special of Luna Beats with CloudsZephyr.

Lycan Dese Beats!
with Lycan

Saturdays from 5PM (UTC)

Lycan Dese Beats is a variety radio show by DJ Lycan and various cohosts with a focus on playing the latest and greatest songs the fandom has to offer

Manestage Live Mix w/ @SD_DJRod
with DJ Rod

Fridays from 10PM (UTC)

with Willow and Scootaloose

Sundays from 12AM (UTC)

Get up for @Mixology with @theshoujobrony and @scootaloose, its a party for the next 3 hours! #brony

Music Is Timeless
with Bolt the Super-Pony

Saturdays from 4AM (UTC)

Playing the fandom's oldest songs and newest hits, all live. This is #MusicIsTimeless!

Pony411 Podcast
with Pony411

Wednesdays from 1AM (UTC)

Tune in for an episode of @Pony411 at #brony #podcast

Scratch The Heat
with InklingBear

Mondays from 1PM (UTC)

Solar Surfaces
with VinylTastic

Saturdays from 12AM (UTC)

Rise to the sun with VinylTastic and SolarSolaris!

Sound of Flight
with SomeRandomDJPony

Saturdays from 5AM (UTC)

Tune in to the Sound of Flight with SomeRandomDJPony, every weekend!

The Challenger
with Nazo

Mondays from 12AM (UTC)

Meet #TheChallenger, @NazoPone, now on @PonyvilleFM! #brony #EDM

The Full Spectrum
with Rock Fox

Tuesdays from 10AM (UTC)


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