Scootaloose Station Admin [PR], DJ


Station Admin [PR], DJ


Show: The Basement Show

100% Trance nut hailing from Ottawa, Canada, land of maple syrup and hockey.


"Hailing" from Ottawa, Canada, Scootaloose is one of those DJs that like to play with different styles of music. He may be a trance fanatic, but that doesn't stop him from trying a little taste of other styles. If in the mood, "Scoots" will do hour-long mixes that range from the funky Moonbahcore all the way to breakneck Hardcore speeds!

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Shows hosted by Scootaloose

12 AM: Mixology

Saturdays from 11PM

Get up for @Mixology with @theshoujobrony and @scootaloose, its a party for the next 3 hours! #brony

12 AM: The Basement Show

Saturdays from 8PM

Sit back and relax, #TheBasementShow is live soon with @scootaloose #brony #EDM