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Show: The classics, but also the new stuff, all of it, I know you will WUB!

24 years old, engaged, kindred spirit and one to laugh over anything! Co-founder of PonyVille Live website.


After dropping out of college due to the new found gaming world and love of MLP and radio show hosting, Wubzy started off small by creating his own show called Lunar Radio. From there, he worked with the staff of iBrony radio, and helped them grow and merge with other stations to become PonyVille Live. He moved across the country and lived on the east coast before returning back home. He is now engaged to his gf of a year and a half who works at Disneyland, so they live right down the street from it. Lover of computer games and cell phone technician, Wubzy enjoys all aspects of technology. He loves all types of music, and usually plays his favorites when streaming. He loves talking to people, and hopes to catch you the next time he is streaming!

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