AWal DJ, Producer


DJ, Producer


Show: Core Control Live! (Monday 11PM - 1AM ET)

UK Hardcore DJ with a small notoriety of having done some edits & timestretches in the past.


I ♥ ♫ Mus♪c ♫! My genre of choice is UK Hardcore. I've done some edits and timestretch work (sorry, but you won't find them here). I'm one of the many resident DJs here on PonyvilleFM. I have a radio show, CoreControl Live, that is on every monday at 11PM ET (Work permitting). I also have a monthly mix series that has been going for what seems forever now. Core Control airs the first Friday of every month at 10PM ET.

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Shows hosted by AWal

12 AM: Awal on Nightmare Night!

Saturdays from 8PM

Resident DJ Awal is performing a mix for Nightmare Night!

12 AM: Core Control Live!

Tuesdays from 4PM

Weekly UK & Happy Hardcore DJ mix show by AWal. Fun & Energetic songs, so be sure to bring out the kandi & glowsticks.