Lycan Event Manager, DJ


Event Manager, DJ



By day, Lycan is a medical pegasi from the Gold Coast, Australia. By night, he has has a radio show called "Lycan Dese Beats", has released a compilation album called "Beats Me" (with a second album in the works) and helped out at Ponycon AU 14 and 15. He has been doing his radio show since January 2015 with FritzyBeat, as well as Chord Catcher and Spectra Music. If you would like to contact him, you can find him on the twitter

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Shows hosted by Lycan

12 AM: Lycan Dese Beats!

Saturdays from 5PM

Lycan Dese Beats is a variety radio show by DJ Lycan and various cohosts with a focus on playing the latest and greatest songs the fandom has to offer

12 AM: Lycan Dese Beats: Beats Me 2 Album Launch party!

Fridays from 8PM

Join us for the Lycan Dese Beats: Beats Me 2 Album Launch party! This Friday on PonyvilleFM

12 AM: Ponies At Dawn: Voyager Release Party

Mondays from 9AM

Come join us for 16 hours of non stop DJ's and Music. Ponies at Dawn are proud to release of our 9th album, Voyager! Jam packed with an incredible line up of music from a whole host of fandom artists. Their biggest album yet with 58 tracks, there’s sure to be something for everybody here.

12 AM: Rebirth | Ponies at Dawn Release party

Mondays from 8PM

P@D: Rebirth is now available for Pre-order! A live release will occur on @PonyvilleFM at 4PM EST/9PM UTC on Friday the 2nd of March, following which the album will be released. We're really looking forward to sharing all of this awesome music with you!