Elevative DJ, Producer


DJ, Producer


Show: Join me on the Manestage the first Friday of every month for festival style bounce, electro house, UK-Hardcore, and hardstyle.

Horssse dj, full time collage student, audiophile, pro audio/lighting engineer and enthusiast.


Been mixing for quite a few years now for events, clubs, and conventions. Started out as a big audio/lighting tech nerd (still am) and progressed into the dj scene. Been a brony for 2.5 years, Entered the brony dj scene with my first appearance at Midwest Bronyfest 2016 where I killed my set and was offered to join PVFM. From there I've also preformed at Crystal Fair STL, Ciderfest, and Whinny City Pony Con! Watch my twitter to follow where im going to be next! Mix archives> https://www.mixcloud.com/SD_DJROD/

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Shows hosted by Elevative

12 AM: Manestage Live Mix w/ @SD_DJRod

Fridays from 10PM