Ponies at Dawn: Awakening Live release party (Friday the 29th) PVFM News

Ponies at Dawn: Awakening Live release party (Friday the 29th)

Posted by Kyderra on 26th April 2016

Hello everyone, It's that time again!
Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the imminent release of their newest and biggest album yet - 

Ponies at Dawn : Awakening!

To celebrate, PonyvilleFM will be hosting a DJ event Coming this Friday the 29th leading up to the albums live play and release.
So come join on http://www.ponyvillefm.com/chat during it to talk about the new tunes!

The Album will have a massive 54 tracks from a huge variety of artists including big names like Foozogz, Replacer, Kadenza and Starlight along with other highly talented artists such as DJT, Del Rom, Plum Creek Rhythm Section and many MANY more! 
This album promises to be one of the most exciting and diverse examples of what the brony music community is capable of. 
As usual, the album explores genres from all over the spectrum, with dubstep, future bass, glitch hop, hip-hop, metalcore, rock, orchestral and more!

The album will be available from their bandcamp for whatever price you'd like to pay (including $0) once it is released on the 29th/30th of April (depending on your timezone), however it is available right now as a $1+ pre-order if you want to get in early and have access to a few pre-release tracks!

You can check out the album here: 
And you can check out a teaser of the album on our soundcloud here: 

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For more info about new and up coming albums, follow @PoniesAtDawn
And for Ponies at Dawns latest teasers, check out their Official SoundCloud page.

See you all Friday!