PonyvilleFM heads to MWBF, Kansas City! PVFM News

PonyvilleFM heads to MWBF, Kansas City!

Posted by Mu[shroo]shi on 10th May 2015

Holla, the PonyvilleFM crew is headed to Midwest Bronyfest in windy Kansas City! As we've been promoting for the past several months, we're partners with MWBF and have been doing a lot of work to help make this convention super awesome!
Several of our DJs are playing at the #LOUDER music festival, including Acentricity, HACKD, Kill Screen, Lyonize, Midli, Notica, DJ One-Trick, Shroo, StrachAttack, and Tetsuo the Robot, with TripDiam running the lights and sound and Sleepypony doing professional tingz! More of our DJs such as Pocketjawa and Additive Subtractive will also be at the convention!

We will be running the Renegade Stage too, so consider that our home base! Come meet us IRL if you're headed here!