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PVFM - Live on Legends of Equestria

Posted by Maisy on 12th August 2015

Yep, it's that time again. Another LoE open weekend is rapidly approaching, and guess which Pony-themed radio station is going to be spinning the DJ discs in Sugar Cane Corner? If you guessed anything other than "PonyvilleFM", then you guessed wrong!

We've teamed up again with our friends from Legends of Equestria and over the LoE open weekend, we are going to be having a very busy radio schedule, with your favourite shows such as #Mixology, as well as other resident PVFM performers such as Sleepypony and Calcos. We'll even have a few familiar special guests performing, including Silva Hound and LecniK.

Prepare for the train to take-off, because once it starts, it has no brakes and it isn't going to stop!