PonyvilleFM welcomes Horse Music Herald to the extended family! PVFM News

PonyvilleFM welcomes Horse Music Herald to the extended family!

Posted by Kill Screen on 9th February 2016

Horse Music Herald is about the best thing to happen to the Brony fandom music scene since... well, ever. Its a purely unbiased collection of all the music that is put out by this fandom and keeps its visitors from ever worrying about missing a thing. Dont take my word for it though, you can hear straight from the 'horse's' mouth.

"Hi there, welcome to The Horse Music Herald!

In late December, myself (Spectra) and Francis Vace realised that the perception of the brony fandom’s music scene isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when everyone knew about all the music being released, and with a good reason: an oversaturation of new artists. It became difficult to decide who to follow or what to listen to among the many, many new songs released every single day.

That’s where we come in.

Our aim at Horse Music Herald is to provide a way to share good music by brony artists for anyone to enjoy. Whether you want to discover more lesser-known artists, find just a few songs to listen to, or are getting into the brony music scene for the first time, we believe this is the right website for you.

As well as multiple “solo” posts every day with a detailed genre tagging system, we have plans to post about new album releases, events in the music scene, and other kinds of music related posts that we’ll introduce later on (#TBT anyone?). But for now, all we ask of you is to come along and enjoy the music.

You can find us at: http://horsemusicherald.com/ posting every hour or two, on the hour (When possible, of course!)

We hope to see you there!

– Spectra and the Horse Music Herald Team"
Along with giving HMH our support you can also check out a brand new show from them airing at 10pm EST on the last Sunday of every month, only on PonyvilleFM. Tune in for their staffs personal favorite picks of all the amazing Brony music put out that month.

Now go show them some love!

Ludi aka Kill Screen