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PVFM's 10th Anniversary Weekend

Posted by Scootaloose on 16th January 2021

Right, it's that time again!

PVFM's 10th Anniversary Weekend

That's right, we have been on air for over 10 years, a whole decade as we move into 2021, and it has been one awesome and emotional ride, seeing all the creativity from our fandom, older musicians moving on, newer ones coming onto the scene, DJ's and performers alike coming and going, but all have taken a moment to touch our lives with their inspirational creativity and willingness to give back to the fandom they love.

For PonyvilleFM, (BronyRadio to those old enough to remember!) We have been through many iterations in server style and structure, starting with the very jank ShoutCast 0.9 back in 2011 before having a proper hosting system, and then realising the limitations of what we had, we had to make a new system, which was nicknamed Stormswirl, which served us well until 2014, when she was retired into the Server system we have today, Aerial, which supports almost every dj client that exists, and our scheduling modules.

It gives me great pleasure to have you all for this weekend, and thank you to all the performers that gave up their time and signed up to showcase their creativity. Lets hope 2021 brings us brighter days, and remember you all have a home here in this server, even if it's not as active as 'the good old days', we have no plans of shutting down yet.


Artwork by Partylike https://twitter.com/party__like?s=21