PonyvilleFM is at it again!This Saturday starting at 6pm EDT...

18th March 2015, 8:38pm


PonyvilleFM is at it again!

This Saturday starting at 6pm EDT PonyvilleFM will be hosting a Midwest Brony Fest sponsored DJ event for their premiere concert LOUDER. We will have all of the LOUDER DJs live for your listening pleasure to get your fix of LOUDER before Midwest Brony Fest bangs it out live in person in May.

Tune in on www.ponyvillefm.com and pre register at www.mwbfkc.net/registration up until May 1st.

@Notica_ is live now for our speacial hype train followed by acentricity and then a special live mix...

7th March 2015, 1:29am


@Notica_ is live now for our speacial hype train followed by acentricity and then a special live mix from @thelinkyo all at ponyvillefm.com/chat.  Join the chat and say hi to other listeners and the DJs!

TrotMania: ANNOUNCEMENT: Special Vylet Pony Event!

2nd March 2015, 11:26pm

TrotMania: ANNOUNCEMENT: Special Vylet Pony Event!: tumblr_inline_nklyedeJR21rf4s55.jpg

We’ve got some special announcements for you out of our Trotmania project! New songs and a new event. Check it out above!

PonyvilleFM, the fandom’s #1 EDM and DJ station will be...

19th February 2015, 3:39pm


PonyvilleFM, the fandom’s #1 EDM and DJ station will be visiting Hearth’s Warming Con!

That’s right folks! Several of our staff will be attending Hearth’s Warming Con at Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, which will be happening this weekend!

We will be kicking off our convention coverage season supporting PonyvilleLive! on providing a live stream for you all to watch this weekend at http://ponyvillelive.com! PonyvilleLive! is your #1 stop for live convention coverage and radio stations around the brony fandom!

Come and say hello to Sleepypony, Kyderra and Alteran who will be providing our convention footage, all in glorious 4K resolution! 

You can also see the new Aerial Soundwaves figurines for the first time when they are released, coming soon!

You can catch live sets on PVFM every day of the week at http://ponyvillefm.com. Tune in for non-stop music and the best electronic music the fandom has to offer!

See you all there!


ponyvillefm:Heya PVFM Fans! We’d like to take a moment to send...

14th February 2015, 7:01pm



Heya PVFM Fans! 

We’d like to take a moment to send our love to all of you for being our loyal fans, listeners, followers, DJs, show hosts, and appreciators of everything we do here at PonyvilleFM. From all of us here at PonyvilleFM, including Aerial, we love you for supporting us! 

Happy Hearts and Hooves/Valentines day!

Remember, Valentines/Hearts and Hooves is about spreading the love to family, friends, and yes, of course lovers. Please take a moment to spread some love this Valentines Day, whoever that may be to.