Mixology joins PVFM familyAs part of the Spring Refresh and with...

30th March 2015, 1:35am


Mixology joins PVFM family

As part of the Spring Refresh and with the recent addition of Frozen Sound, Linkyo, djtetsuo, and the newest DJs, Hackd, StrachAttack, and Wootmaster, we also welcome the longest running live DJ show in the brony fandom, Mixology with One-Trick and DJ Midli.

Mixology was formed as an off-shoot of A State of Brony, but it wasn’t until early 2012 that Mixology solidified itself as a staple for live DJing in the brony fandom airing as a weekly show on the Everfree Network.

Mixology’s move to PonyvilleFM is a decision based on One-Trick’s desire to put Mixology among other top notch DJs who focus on self-expression through music and the art of DJing, something PonyvilleFM has become quite known for in their 4 years of existence.

One-Trick is a progressive house DJ who focuses on “cool, controlled, calculated attacks” to compliment her counter-part, DJ Midli, who is a Hardstyle DJ focusing on “Unbridled energy… Pure insanity meticulously crafted…” something that all the fans of PonyvilleFM appreciate.

So tune in Saturdays at 6pm ET (10pm UTC), and help us welcome One-Trick and Midli to the station.

Major Changes and The Season 5 Premiere Party!In celebration of...

30th March 2015, 1:33am


Major Changes and The Season 5 Premiere Party!

In celebration of the 5th season of MLP:FiM and with the warm weather approaching, PonyvilleFM is doing a spring refresh on our playlists, rolling out new banners, shows, and a 90’s urban ‘streetwise’ theme.

This weekend, tune in and celebrate the premiere of MLP:FiM season 5 with PVFM’s Kyderra as he DJs live on Boiler Barn before the season premiere on BronyTV. The premiere event is definitely something you don’t want to miss, so be sure to attend! You can tune in at: www.ponyvillefm.com or the BronyTV livestream and chat with us on IRC at #PonyvilleFM and #BronyTV.

Don’t forget to check back for more detailed announcements about our Spring Refresh coming your way!

PonyvilleFM is at it again!This Saturday starting at 6pm EDT...

18th March 2015, 8:38pm


PonyvilleFM is at it again!

This Saturday starting at 6pm EDT PonyvilleFM will be hosting a Midwest Brony Fest sponsored DJ event for their premiere concert LOUDER. We will have all of the LOUDER DJs live for your listening pleasure to get your fix of LOUDER before Midwest Brony Fest bangs it out live in person in May.

Tune in on www.ponyvillefm.com and pre register at www.mwbfkc.net/registration up until May 1st.

@Notica_ is live now for our speacial hype train followed by acentricity and then a special live mix...

7th March 2015, 1:29am


@Notica_ is live now for our speacial hype train followed by acentricity and then a special live mix from @thelinkyo all at ponyvillefm.com/chat.  Join the chat and say hi to other listeners and the DJs!

TrotMania: ANNOUNCEMENT: Special Vylet Pony Event!

2nd March 2015, 11:26pm

TrotMania: ANNOUNCEMENT: Special Vylet Pony Event!: tumblr_inline_nklyedeJR21rf4s55.jpg

We’ve got some special announcements for you out of our Trotmania project! New songs and a new event. Check it out above!