Ponies At Dawn - Recollections

Posted by Kyderra on 6th December 2018

It's that time again, A new Ponies at Dawn release will arrive tomorrow!

The upcoming album "*Recollections*" will be a "*best of [email protected]*" album release.
Check out [email protected] twitter for more info:

Earnings will go to charity of Save The Children Australia
It will be on liveplayed at 3PM EST/8PM UTC on the 7th here at PonyvilleFM:

The [PVFM Discord chat]( is also where we tend to talk about it during release.
See you guys there! 

Come join us for the HWcon stream, now live from the Netherlands.

Posted by Kyderra on 17th February 2018

You can check out the Heart Warming convention livestreamed at PonyvilleLive's channel


Hearths Warming Con

GalaCon Guest Announcement and Ticket Raffle on PonyvilleFM Sat 10th February 10pm GMT

Posted by Scootaloose on 10th February 2018

We'll be having some old friends join us this weekend! GalaCon celebrates its 7th birthday in 2018, and we want to give two listeners the chance to win a standard ticket to the convention!!

We will be joined by DaMatt and Stargaze from the convention admin team, who will give us a rundown on how it is to run and organise a convention, and information about what is in store for the upcoming year, including vendor applications and volunteer vacancies. There will also be information on what to do in Germany and in Ludwigsburg, outside of the convention, so don’t miss out!

Come and join us on our discord server and when you hear the time to enter on air, you can enter the competition to win a ticket to GalaCon!

Oh, and there may be a surprise announcement or two in store if you listen very carefully!

We will be on air at 9pm GMT, 10pm CEST (Europe Time), 4pm EST, and 1pm PSTand don’t forget to check out the GalaCon website at

Just a small update...

Posted by Maisy on 7th January 2018

Howdy, PVFM Pones!

It's been a while since anyone posted anything here, but if you're loitering in our Discord, you'll probably be up to date with most of the goings-on around here anyway.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that we have just pushed out some small updates to the website - in particular, with the station player. We have updated the playback script with a much newer version that should have several bug-fixes and other improvements to usability. We've also taken out the tracker bar, as it doesn't do you any good if you are listening to a radio station (such as ourselves).

We've also been investigating issues using OGG Vorbis, specifically on Firefox. It seems the update to Firefox "Quantum" may have made OGG playback unstable, but our tests with the latest Firefox 59 "Nighty" build suggests that these problems have been fixed in the upcoming version.

Do remember that we offer PVFM in several different formats - for ease of use and maximum compatability, we default to the standard-qualty MP3 stream, but we also have higher quality and mobile-optimised streams if you would prefer them.

We've got more improvements in store for you in the future, so as always, do stay tuned!

-- Maisy (AKA, Alteran)

Ponies at Dawn: Amity Release Party

Posted by Kyderra on 12th January 2017

PonyvilleFM is turning 6 years old this month, having come into operation for the first time in early 2011. As part of the celebrations, the release of Ponies at Dawn's Amity album will be streamed in full during a 5 hour block from 3PM EST until 8PM EST (you can save the date in Google Calendar here), with some DJ sets before and after. It's pretty cool to see how as long as the fandom's been going, there are still a few awesome places left that have been around for so long. Make sure to check below for the full information!

Back in early 2011, when the fandom was still in its infancy, PVFM flipped the on switch and has been broadcasting on the open air ever since. Much has changed in the fandom since then, with the birth and departures of many well know artists, but PVFM has been there day and night to bring fans all the best tunes, songs, beats, and even interviews.

As part of our 6th birthday celebration, the release of Ponies at Dawn's Amity album will be streamed in full during an all day birthday bash. The album relase will be from 3PM EST until 8PM EST. DJ Lycan and the talented musician DJT will be there to take you through the event with several DJs both before and after the premiere to keep the party strong. So join in, bring some cake, and enjoy the music!




Ponies at Dawn: