Update on Desso/Archie's Condition

Posted by DJMidgetbrony on 16th October 2014

As almost everyone is aware, Desso/Archie's medical bills have been greatly relieved with the help this great community. PonyvilleFM is proud to have taken partnership with Wolfbeats and taking part in helping raise awareness and supporting this fine musician. A huge pat on the back for everyone who helped cover his treatment!

We have even greater news: Desso is being released from the hospital in two weeks, and he will return to working on new productions and feeding our ears with more of his music in no time! 

We would like to thank the staff who participated in The Dessolation of Archie album release event, the people who participated in the event, and Wolfbeats for giving us the opportunity to help this wonderful artist!

The new Era begins! Welcome to PVFM Version 2!!

Posted by DJ Sleepypony on 15th October 2014

After 2.5 years with our old website, PVFM is proud to bring you our new image and home here at!

The new streams and the launch of our 'Just Music' Stream allows you for that all pony music while at work without any interruptions, allowing for those who want to experience just music to do so. With the new launch of our new site, this will keep you all up to date with the day to day happenings at pvfm, with something for everyone here!

Thank you for supporting us for this long, and may we continue to be awesome for you all!